Mama said


That your life is a gift

Il est grand temps de célébrer la vie en se faisant des cadeaux pendant que les magasins affichent encore et plus que jamais des prix tout doux et faire un tour dans quelques boutiques visitées cet hiver.

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IMG_7851Be home before the dawn

What if I say that Paris by night is even more gorgeous than Paris by day ? My favorite reaction is when we keep being amazed by the beauty of some places. These sparkling eyes when we are all in agreement that this place (there are many) is particularly beautiful, I will never forget it.

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IMG_0009There’s much weight you will lift

I am sure you people have faced the situation when you leave home for a simple appointment and on your way back, because the sun is shinning, because faces are smiling, because it’s Saturday, you start to shop. I am part of these damned weak consumers who are feeling like drug addicts when they are energized by the atmosphere of a particular place.

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That it’s good to be natural

I recently had a look at a blog that I really enjoy, Bodie and Fou, because it inspires me, it is natural and it sounds like heaven in a completely white cosy atmosphere. I was surprised to read deception from the author due to the lack of comments she receives, especially because I personally think it’s really worth the read.

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